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Unique and exquisitely perfect

Luxury Slippers

"What is elegance?
It’s an intellectual quality, a special way of caring about your appearance, about who you frequent, it’s an attitude, a way of looking at the world. It’s not a thing, it’s how you do things.”



Slippers Made in italy

In order to make a Farfalla slipper you have to combine the artisanal processes executed by highly qualified shoemakers with the finest selection of exclusive materials such as soft nappa leather and calfskin, crocodile, ostrich, and such fine fabrics as cashmere.

It is a production style that has its roots in history and in expert craftsmanship, but it is also a method of production that has the courage to look to the future, one that is made up of class and elegance which will not sacrifice its choice of exclusive materials and meticulous execution at the altar of modernity.


It all started with an idea. The soft classy lines and the raw materials used, a vision of how to make a man and a woman look elegant in any context, these are the guidelines followed by the Raffaeli family who, as dictated by tradition, are the designers of each collection.

Italian Slippers Process Techniques


Between the project and the end product are the expert hands of the craftsmen who guide every step and look after every single detail. More like artists than simple workers, they make sure every element comes together to perfection, guaranteeing that every Farfalla slipper is truly unique and exquisitely perfect. 

Attention to details

All of the steps that follow to create the finished slipper are carried out with meticulous attention to detail to ensure a perfect product.  Each and every phase of the production process is a delicate moment made up of carefully executed movements that, together, strive for excellence and elegance.


Here the hemmers carefully control each component, they give the slipper its initial shape with their machines or, when needed, by hand.  It’s an ages-old process that requires all the experience and history of the Farfalla tradition, as well as ensuring the millimetric precision required for the perfect slipper. 


The slipper takes shape, the project becomes a reality. It is here that all the experience and dexterity of the Farfalla team of craftsmen shows its excellence.  Step by step, the slipper takes its definitive shape and is carefully controlled to meet, and exceed, all the standards of comfort and quality.

Stretching and Finishing

The final phase is where the details are perfected to make each slipper unique and exclusive.  From the stretching to the finishing, each and every part is worked over with love and passion to ensure that the final product is exclusive and will make the wearer feel truly special.