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For those who love caring of everything they do. For those who love to surround themselves with scraps of beauty, living their lives as a priceless masterpiece of art. For those who craft their identity with accessories that make precious the life of everyday. For those who lightly face up to life. For those who believe in a timeless style.


For all of them, everyday Farfalla creates slippers with an exclusive design: accessories that go beyond their bare function offering an experience of class and sobriety. Combining the craftsmanship of shapes, processings and insights with the best tissues and materials, creating a style that stand firm beyond the passing trends of the fashion, Farfalla realizes slippers that become ensign of timeless elegance.

Farfalla footwear embrace the philosophy of everyday life making it unique and precious: the comfort of our footwear is the result of an entire crafts processing called "fondo america" or "a sacchetto". Every elements that build up a Farfalla slipper are kept together only by one seam made by wise crafts hands.

The outcome is a product unique and absolutely recognizable compared to any common footwear made by gluing or heat-waving the various parts that make it up. The love for the one who cultivate classy style in every situation is the heart of Farfalla production: a brand where elegance and life blend themselves up, becoming one thing.